4 Common Things that Cause Jaw Pain

4 Common Things that Cause Jaw Pain

Having jaw pain is such a big problem as it deals with the orthodontics issue. Those who have it will be difficult to do some orthodontics activity. Commonly, people have their jaw painful on the left side, so if you frequently have this one, you might be wondering about what causes jaw pain on the left side.

Jaw Pain on One Side

The condition when you have the jaw pain only on one side is called TMJ which stands for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. This is quite common suffered by the people. This TMJ is caused by the bad bite which leads to the disruption in the function of the jaw.

The Causes of Jaw Pain

However, there are some other causes of the jaw pain that you should know. The following ones are the things that you commonly do in daily life:

  • Heart Attack

This one comes as one of the causes of jaw pain. This is commonly suffered by women which also comes as a signal of the heart attack. Beside the chest pain, you will have pain in jaw, neck, arms, and shoulders.

  • Tooth Pain

The suffering of tooth pain comes as one of what causes jaw pain on the left side, just like jaw pain. This is because of the tooth abscess so it is better for you to see the dentist to get over the pain.

  • Headaches

Headaches can also be the cause of jaw pain. The type of headache which makes you suffering the jaw pain is cluster headaches. In addition, you will have pain between your eyes.

  • Injury

This is the common thing as the cause of the jaw pain that you have an accident which makes you feel it. The possible thing is when your jaw is hit by something.

Those are the things of what causes jaw pain on left side that you should know. Better to treat it soon so the pain will be goon soon as well.